Visible website and app not working


Hi team,

Visible is not working, website is throwing server error and app is not opening, how to reach Visible?

I ordered new phone and activated it, just trying to port my number into Visible but nothing is working, Visible chat option is not available, is there any porting in number ?



In the event that chat is down, or if you prefer, you can reach out on Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or Reddit. I have found they handle issues faster outside of Visible Chat.

Novice II

Go through Facebook and send them a message. Tell them your email address and your phone number. Tell them their website has your IP address blocked, and it's not allowing you access to their website. and ask them to unblock it. Happened to me, too. After 4 days, and 8 different chats that cut me off, for hours at a time and no fix, I finally found this group and read an article here, that told me what their problem was. I relayed the problem to Visible through a chat, and they finally fixed it!!!!  This has been happening for over a year. You would think VISIBLE would have fixed this glitch in their software or Sims Card by now.