What does this icon mean on the Service Features page in the app?

Novice III

What does this icon in the upper right mean on the Service features page in the app?


The icon on the upper left is indicating Mobile hotspot functionality, but I can't determine what the other icon means?



Hey @dugiehowsa - that's a great question. It's always displayed that way for Android devices, so as long as you have mobile hotspot you shouldn't be missing anything! 🙂

Intermediate III

No idea! The newest features that were released are calls to Mexico, 5G, referrals, and of course this forum. That logo would possibly go with calls to Mexico but who knows. 

Visible Employee

This was meant as a place to announce new features, but it hasn't been updated.  We need to update it or remove it. 

Haha yes working in IT, this is one thing that gets me in the most trouble. Outdated features/sites/pages like this



Novice III

 Some people make a big deal out of it, but that page is mostly a placeholder that hasn't been updated in a while. I don't pay attention as updates and service upgrades notifications are usually sent out via email.

Novice III

Over a month later, and what ever was "coming soon" hasn't come yet.  The icon remains the same.

Novice III

I have had my service with Visible now for 3 months, and what ever was "coming soon" I am beginning to think is never going to come.  The icon remains the same.