What is the point of party pay?


Hi all.  I'm trying to wrap my head around the concept of Party Pay.  I understand how it works, I just don't understand why - 1.  Anyone wouldn't join a large party rather than start their own and take the chance people they bring in wouldn't drop out eventually   2. Why wouldn't Visible just charge all customers $25/month?  3 - why would anyone NOT join a party, other than ignorance of its existence, which is pretty obvious upon sign-up.

It's a weird concept to me.  There must be some record keeping of who's in what party.  But if Visible is billing everyone separately, how is that an advantage for them?  It's not like a regular family plan, where there is just 1 bill for the group.

What am I missing?  I haven't even gotten my SIM yet but, inquiring minds want to know!


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I had the same question. 

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Community Manager

This is a great question! I would like to refer you to our Party Pay page for some additional details that highlight the “why?”. To put it simply, our members sometimes want to join a familiar and intimate group. Other times they prefer to be in a larger one with other members. The choice in or out is personal but we always think Visible is better with friends and price wise, we want to reward our members for their loyalty and advocacy. All of this is in the aim of keeping this simple, accessible and inclusive. 

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Just got here, too, but as I view the CHATS, it appears everyone in the SAVINGS pool is attempting to get us to use their FRIEND code to join their Party Pay, thus gaining the originator a $5.00 a month billing... is that what is at play?

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Hello..I joined Visible this March and after a couple of months, I invited 2 of my family members to join my party. Initially, I was paying $40 a month, and now down to $30 a month for each of us separate billing. If i can another person to join my party, then our payment would go down to just $25 a month. 

Take yourself and your friends to a big party and relax with $25 . Still can get other months reduced with offers to invite more people to sign up to visible, but those are just one time things usually saying it will give you a month for $5 and your invitee a month for $5, but after that first month it would behoove your invitee to sign onto a party. So, the corporation is just trying to lure more accounts in. Do not keep wasting your money waiting for people though.