Why should I switch from Verizon?


I am currently a Verizon customer. Why should I switch to Visible? What do I lose going from $71/month to $35/month?


To save money. 


Customer service, with Verizon you have someone to call for issues. With Visible there is no 800 number, if you have an issue the only way to contact them is through the chat box or social media DM'ing(FB, X, on their Reddit page, and I believe Instagram).

Performance.  Unless your Verizon is appallingly bad, or you don't need more than 1 Mb most of the time, you MAY find Visible essentially unusable fairly frequently.  "It MOSTLY works, MOST of the time, though NEVER well."

Intermediate II

You lose some customer service, you need to be comfortable with only chatting for support. If you have an issue there isn't a number or physical place you can go for customer service.