Worst service!!!!!


I bought iphone 14 pro max  in November 2022.

It had two offers:

1- $300 gift card

2- Beats headset


I did trade in my phone for $90 while Apple was paying $110 at that time.
Now the visible rep tells me that i’m not eligible for the above two offers as i traded in my phone.


Why would i even trade in if this was the case. This was nowhere on their website.

i would rather bought the phone without the trade in to get the $300 gift card and beats headset.

There is no phone support. The chat support is the worst i’ve ever seen.

Too much of wait and they arrange for a call back which never happens. 
I’m going to close it in a week if there is mo response in this case.

It’s just waste of time!!

case # 0758442


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Not sure this will help you but instead of using chat try contacting them through Facebook messenger. I get was faster responses with no waiting and checking every 5 minutes to see if I have been booted off chat. You can find FB link on the bottom righthand corner of this page.


Also, the promotion is fulfilled through 3rd party, Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. It also states Visible reserves the right to change or terminate this offer at any time. I will you are not the first to have posted about this poor business practice. The other one mentioned a lot is that it also says you can get the credit if you BYOD which Visible has not honored either and is more of a misprint on their part but they refuse to change it.


As bad as customer service really is the price of the plans are worth it in my book. Good luck.

You chose to trade in your phone that is on you not Visible.

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You aren’t going to be able to double promotions. 
You take one or the other. The trade in is a promotion. As is the $300 and Beats. 
Sorry. That’s just how it works. 
Maybe go to woot.com and find a cool deal?