ZTE Blade X1 5G Not able to be rooted

Novice III

Hello fellow members. I called ZTE support today and asked about being able to unlock the bootloader for the ZTE Blade X1 5G and they said no, because Visible has ordered them to have it locked. (I know that's not a good way to get support, but online and other sites don't work when trying to use ADB/Fastboot.) I want to be able to unlock the bootloader and flash a Project Treble ROM. Why must Visible & ZTE lock the bootloader and not allow the end user to do whatever they want with the device? Next time, I'm going to buy a Pixel instead.


Thank you for sharing. I have to have root. Gonna ask about the Moto G 2021. Moto is great about letting you unlock as long the carrier doesn't force them not to. I've never heard of ZTE letting you unlock though, but some ZTEs come unlocked (or they used to). I wonder they just blamed Visible so you'd still like ZTE.

Novice II

yes buy a different brand if you want to root. Zte are not friendly to modders.