iPhone experimentation


I use an iPhone 6S on Visible. Due to its age, the battery isn't doing so great. Because of this, I have a tendency to put the phone on low power usage mode. You do this by going into settings, Cellular, Cellular Data Options, toggle the Low Data Mode on here. Also, under settings, Battery, toggle the Low Power Mode here as well.


I mention this because It seems the iPhone has a bad tendency to use cell bandwidth for whatever and whenever it wants to use it on. The low power modes prevent this. 


I consistently get better speeds using low power mode vs normal. Something for iPhone owners to try. Please report back and tell me if you see a difference as I do. 


Intermediate III

May be in the low power mode, all the background app process will be blocked and we can experience good speed. I will definitely try this. 

Thanks for sharing this knowledge. 

Intermediate II

Battery is easily replaceable. eBay has them for a low amount and most sellers will include the tools to open the phone. YouTube has how to videos. Problem solved. Just make sure your careful with the cable to disconnect the battery.

I'm aware of that and I actually have one wishlisted on Amazon but the thing is I'm trying to get off iPhone and get back on Android. If I can't find something I like, I might take your advice and replace the battery.