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World Record Speed by Visible

We know that the rich boyz and galz are on Verizon and the small folks are here. But I thought hey since we got forced to upgrade network which in turn opens the possibility to use 5G and 5GUW I might as well buy a 5G UW so I can have faster speed!Wr...

iPhone 15 Megathread

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the latest iPhone 15 lineup from Apple? They introduced some intriguing upgrades. Which is your favorite update or which features caught your attention?

Why is your website nonfunctional?

I have been trying to find information about your plans, but your website coding is faulty. I get a persistent popup signed "connai" that only allows me to check an item from a list that doesn't contain any helpful items and can't be closed. It also ...


The fun is over, we've been very patient with you folks but it's time to fix the problem with phone number *****. We've been at this problem for almost three weeks now. All we want to do is get back up and running with Visible so we can switch vender...


Is anyone else having app trouble? I haven’t been able to use it since yesterday and I’m trying to set up a new phone. What is really happening?