is there a way to look up how phone's work before buying the phone.


i'm not sure if links are allowed here but i need to know if this phone works.


FreeYond M5A from Temu.


here's the link.


Temu Phone. 


if someone can tell me that would be really great.


If you are asking whether a phone is compatible with Visible service before buying not really unless you can have the seller sent you the IMEI number for the phone you are going to receive before buying it then it could be checked at the link below. I would not suggest buying a cheap off brand phone from China, the chances of it working on a US carrier is slim and it passing the Visible IMEI checker for compatibility is about zero.


If you are looking for a budget phone, I have read about or or even eBay and get either a newer iPhone such as the SE 2022, maybe a pixel 6A, they should pass the checker if unlocked. I just wouldn't trust those off brand phones to even work on Visible.