network upgrade?

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what happens if I stay with my current plan and not do the network upgrade?


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Nothing, but I would think at some point Visible will eventually shut down the old system, they just haven't said when so who knows if it will be this year or not. I don't see Visible keeping two different systems running forever. I know the parties in the party pay were locked last fall but as people leave the parties for the new plans and once the party reaches less than 4 then you would pay the full $40. I was going to hold out until the end but since they gave us party pay customers the $5 discount on the basic plan I switched since it was the same price.


Is there a reason you are holding out? 


I have saw a slight improvement on speed and ping times improved a lot otherwise it is the same plan. Most of us that have switched have saw improvements but there have been a couple that has experienced slower speeds but those threads mentioning it are rare, I think I have read maybe two to date.

One thing about partypay when people leave to new plan after freeze is incorrect. After freeze if all others moved also the same discount applies as long as you are in Visible unlimited plan 

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In the last week I  upgraded my phone and my wife's phone.  The data speeds are anywhere  between .5 to 2 MBPS depending on the time of day.  Before the upgrade we were getting any where between 12 to 35 MBPS.

If it doesn't show an improvement soon we will be switching to another carrier.


When I try to update the network it tells me I have to buy a new phone. Why?  I have an iPhone 13 purchased from visible a little over a year ago

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Me as well -- My phone wasn't purchased from them, but same crap, then when i ask what TCL phone models (besides the TCL 20 a 5g on their web site) will work, they say enter the imei number and check it, well duh, you don't get the imei number until you buy a phone. They need to step up for us people that are being forced to buy a new phone and at least supply a compatible phone list. The CHAT People are on a script and and are of NO HELP with this, again a COMPANY issue that needs to be addressed.



What happens if I don't switch, is a question I've been wondering also. My personal phone is with Visible. My provided employer phone is with Verizon. At this time, I see absolutely no difference in services or coverage. I live in San Antonio, TX, the 7th largest city in the US. I've driven around town the past 2 weeks with both phones and have jet to see either phone change to "wideband 5G." At home, without use of wifi, I get only 1 bar on both phones which are both iPhones. I get the same signal strength in the same areas and have tested calls in the same areas with the same results. My question is, what or why is there a network change? From my understanding when we purchased the plan, Visible was already on the Verizon network. There appears to be something else going on that has not been expressed, but I don't think it has anything to do with the network. So, If I elect to stay on the current plan, what outcomes should I expect moving forward? What changes should I expect a year from now, that would more than likely be forced submission by Verizon?