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unable to send a text message or access my Voicmail

Novice II

I have been a Visible customer for 10 days. I have not been able to send text messages or access my voicemail. My data speed varies wildly. I have tried all of the above suggestions and have attempted to engage with help support over the last 10 days. They offer the same suggestions that have not solved my problem. They say they are escalating this to tech support. Tech support emails me and give the same "fixes" that have not work or ask me to go back to help chat and they ask the same questions, offer the same "fixes" that never work and then escalate to tech, tech emails and send me back to help chat, over and over and over. They problems are never fixed.


Is there a way to get out of this loop?



Just curious what city are you in?  If other users in your area are experiencing the same issue then it is a Visible issue.



Novice II

I have family members who switched at the same time with no issues

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

I highly recommend Cricket wireless.  The quality of service is amazing.  Cricket doesn't slow down your data and you can access voice mail and text messages.

Novice III

If you have an iPhone, have tried Settings - General - Transfer or Reset iPhone - Reset - Reset Network Settings

Have you tried a Visible eSIM if your phone supports them?