Receiving Calls without Service


Currently, there is no cell service or data from Visible relating to my device and number provided by Visible but I am still able to receive calls and messages.  I even received a message from Visible stating “

How is the number ***** able to receive calls and messages when the number is not in-service? I also receive a message stating “We have temporarily suspended additional security measures so you can access your Visible account without your phone.

If you didn’t make this request or have questions, contact Visible Care.”

What is going on? And, What does this mean? @Visible 



I’m not totally sure why it’s happening but I know if you have an iPhone, you are able to use iMessage if the phone is connected to WiFi and android phones I believe have similar capabilities that are able to work with or without cellular service, as long as they are connected via wireless networks so that might be how it’s working. My daughters phone was shut off for a little while and I was very grateful that we were still able to communicate as long as she had WIFI although she wasn’t able to make calls without using a different app such as messenger calls.