1) No bars and 2) can't get a link to reset my password


It started out that I don't have any bars.  This happened twice before and when I updated my iPhone XR software I got bars again.  This is the 3rd time in 6 months and I have no bars; no cell, no cell data, no messages.


I couldn't sign in to my account so I tried the forgot password.  Of course I didn't get a text link but I did not get an email either.  I was able to sign into my account via facial recognition on my iPhone.  But when I navigated to the change password, it said biometrics would be turned off during the reset password process.  Great, when I tried the reset password I did not get a link.  Now, if I ever logout on my iPhone I might never get back in to my account since facial recognition doesn't work.


On chat for an hour and the rep tried to send me a link via my registered email.  Nope, no link still.


I have an Genius Bar appointment tomorrow to see if its an iPhone problem but that won't help with the password reset.


Any help would be appreciated. 




FOLLOW UP.  Chatted with service rep for maybe an hour and then the next morning for another hour.  The next morning I verified with the imei off my phone and the last 3 calls on my phone log.  From there the rep restored my correct email address and I was able to reset my email password.  Then the rep totally de registered my phone (I believe).  Ended with re registering my phone via the same app that originally registered my phone.  Worked perfectly, I have bars and I can sign in.

Wish I could understand how I could get emails of my monthly bills but when I tried password reset I never received a link.  Or why I would, all of sudden lose all bars while my wife sitting next to me had bars.  

Regardless, I could not be happier or more appreciative of the reps that hung with me to get it fixed.