15OFF12 not working


This code didn't work. Contacted chat, they said website issue, activate stay in chat and they will have escalations apply to my account. Well, activating required phone restart, lost chat, now have waited 9ver 2+ hours to get someone and stuck at 20 in line. This is ridiculous. Very poor experience upon sign up. Please contact me to get this resolved or I will be canceling service. I am done waiting for a chat agent. 


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FYI, this is a peer to peer forum and asking for customer service to contact you will never happen here as they don't visit these forums, your only option is to contact them. If chat is no longer an option for you then you might want to try Twitter or Facebook messenger and message them that way. I recommend FB messenger as you don't have to wait in line and you can reply at your discretion once they respond. When you message them put in your full name and email address in the message and your issue, they will then message you back along with sending a verification to your email address. 


You can find the link to FB or Twitter in the bottom righthand corner of this page, once you get to either page click the message button.


Good luck!