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Launching Today: Annual Plan

Hey Visible community! We want to continue to give our members more options to pay for their service how they’d like, which is why we are launching our new Annual Plan option. To learn more about our new Annual Plan, keep reading! Plan Prices & Detai...

How does visibles plus plan work?

I recently upgraded to the Visible plus plan and so far I've seen very little gain from it except off peak. I had assumed the priority data would be similar to Verizon's priority data but recently during vacation I had solid 5g and 4g connections and...

Porting within Visible

Hi, I have been having lots of trouble with my phone recently. Had to get my iPhone repaired but I was unaware that a new motherboard will give me a new IMEI. So I tried to activate the new IMEI to my visible, but visible sends a code to my email. I ...

abibi by Novice
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Can't receive MMS video from Android user

I have an iPhone SE2 and am on the $30 monthly plan. My friend has tried to send a video multiple times from his Android phone to me but I never receive it. He has sent the same video to many people with no problem, some on Verizon some with other ca...

Are Visible and Affirm bills separate?

I am considering signing up for Visible and getting a new phone at the same time. Do I get billed separately for a device through Affirm, or is it included on my Visible bill?

jlmitch by Novice
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Visibleplus, Visible+

Upgraded to Visible+ (VisiblePlus) plan and was sucessful in getting account revised BUT the message from visible requested that phone be restarted. FYI that means for an Iphone 13 (or other Iphone) you have to follow Apple's procedure (which for Iph...