5g availability.

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I purchased a new unlocked Plus One 5g phone. It's clearly a 5g phone. When I used the compatibility checker, Visible said the phone was compatible with their 5g network. After ordering another sim and following their instructions and  installation, it still shows voLTE 4g. When I went back to the compatibility checker,  Visible now says that it's not compatible with their 5g network. Software is updated. What happened that my 5g phone won't work on Visible 5g network? 


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If it passed the IMEI checker to get the card than it is not a compatibility issue since you were able to activate the card. Check the Verizon coverage map and make sure 5G is available in your area, you may have 5G on another carrier but that wouldn't mean Verizon has coverage where you are at. It could be settings on your phone but that is beyond my knowledge, maybe someone else here has that phone and could help. Another thing to do would be is to contact customer service and see if there is an issue with the SIM and maybe it could be fixed or maybe needs to be re-provisioned.