It's now been 31 days since I signed up for Visible. Hours of being on the phone, different explanations, promised tech will investigate, phones calls promised, generally the worst company I've ever dealt with. (And it do business with AT&T and Direct TV) Your number 1 Visible! Even though they haven't been able to active my phone(which was purchased from Visible) They continue to charge my account(I was on autopay). My question is: How do I get the money that has been taken from me without providing any phone service. Thanks in advance for any help.


Novice II

I don’t have a good answer for you. But I’m in the same boat. I brought over four lines, only one transferred without problem. It took them two weeks to get working voice and text messages on my line. And the online profile still doesn’t show the ported in line. Tomorrow will be a week since they started trying to fix that. The disconnected style of chat only tech support where they can’t really don anything other than create a ticket and tell me to wait 24 to 48 hours is killing me. There’s not even an appearance of any progress on the issue. I would’ve been fired from my job if I had treated our customers this way.