Active account with Visible, want to port number to it


I have an active line with visible that I was using as a second phone. I recently upgraded to a new phone for my primary line, which is with a different carrier, and would like to port it to Visible as my current line noted above (visible line). Is this possible? Since the visible line already has a phone number is this going to cause me issues? Or will it need to be set up as a completely new account?


Thanks in advance.


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I think it would be easier to open another account with a different email address and port the number into it then just stop making payments on the old account if you don't want two lines and service will stop at the end of the billing cycle. I would not go through the headache of trying what you want to do. Best thing would be to get a hold of customer support if you want to do that but I think it would be way beyond their capability to do that.