Affirm Payment Not Showing


Hello, I bought a phone from Visible and financed through Affirm. I've been paying it off for many months but it does not show up as being paid on my Visible account. I've gone to my Affirm account and toggled the Personalized Services, that didn't work. There are no other settings available to Share Information. My email address was different from my affirm account at set up but thats the only difference I can tell. How do I get the Affirm Payment to show up as paid?


Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

My best suggestion is to do a chat with customer service at What are Visible’s support hours and how can I get support?  Please let us know if you get this resolved.

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Thank you. They were unable to help me. It will just be stuck in limbo forever it seems. Since I paid it off I guess it doesn't matter.