Affirm Payment Not Showing


Hello, I bought a phone from Visible and financed through Affirm. I've been paying it off for many months but it does not show up as being paid on my Visible account. I've gone to my Affirm account and toggled the Personalized Services, that didn't work. There are no other settings available to Share Information. My email address was different from my affirm account at set up but thats the only difference I can tell. How do I get the Affirm Payment to show up as paid?



My best suggestion is to do a chat with customer service at What are Visible’s support hours and how can I get support?  Please let us know if you get this resolved.

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Thank you. They were unable to help me. It will just be stuck in limbo forever it seems. Since I paid it off I guess it doesn't matter.

I was able to resolve this by using Facebook Messenger to communicate rather than the website chat. Facebook Messenger communication is delayed so you have to be patient, but in a matter of two days my issue was fixed and I was able to see my affirm payment percentage and I was able to upgrade my phone.

May I asked what they did? They keep telling me "my ticket is being reviewed to find the best solution" but no one can seem to give me a solution.


Hi, my wife had a similar problem with her iPhone purchased through Visible and Affirm.  It's 100% paid off as of two weeks ago but it still shows as only 54% paid off on and the Visible app. It's critical that Visible sees it as paid off so she can get a new phone through Visible without a trade-in (she can't trade in her old phone, it's damaged).  She's tried the Support chat several times.  They told her to post the error she's seeing about 54% paid off in Messenger or Twitter (she doesn't have Twitter) so I posted it for her in Messenger.  I also posted the Loan Payoff letter from Affirm there.  Support couldn't find those posts so asked her to post them again while she waited on the chat.  I did that but they still couldn't find them.  (Why use Messenger if it doesn't work for Support?)  Then they asked her to post on Twitter again. (!!!)  She replied that they should allow email communication as do other support organizations.  
So she's stuck, Visible still shows only 54% paid and we don't know how to fix it.  Isn't there some way for Visible to check with their partner Affirm re payoff status?  Personalized Services is toggled on (it always was).  This is incredibly frustrating. 


My account is doing the same. My loan is over 50% paid off, but shows 0% on visible. I've been chatting with customer service for 3 days and mostly just getting a run around. I keep getting told different things by different agents. They all keep telling me to do the same things and keep telling me to submit screenshots I've already shown them. Has anyone found a solution to this? Has anyone gotten it corrected?