Affirm option no showing for payment


I was approved for purchase up to $4500.00 from Affirm to be used at Visible. Every time I order the phone, and go to the "What is Your Preferred Method of Payment" page I only see options for Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo nothing showing for Affirm. I have been in many many chat sessions with Visible and even SPOKE to a supervisor at Affirm, both blaming each other for the issue! In the mean time I'm stuck in the middle unable to purchase a new phone. I'm about ready to cancel all my service with Visible and go with another carrier all together! Can ANYONE help me with this please??????




I’ve been wrestling with this same issue for months.  Approved for a $5k credit line but Affirm does not show up as an option at the time of checkout.  Affirm wants me to buy a virtual credit card and pay interest and offers a shorter term with higher payments.  They blame Visible.  Visible blames Affirm.  Strongly considering changing carriers where iPhone 15 upgrade is offered at no cost.