Apple Watch Family Setup workaround

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I switched to Visible to get access to the Verizon network since it seems to have better coverage where my kids go to school.  I switched my iphone to Visible, switched my own Apple Watch 7 to Visible, but there seems to be no way to add a child's watch with a separate phone number using Apple Watch Family Setup. Rather than wait for Visible to get around to supporting Family Setup, I created a Verizon account just for her Apple Watch SE.  Lo - and - behold it seems to work!  Family Setup received the Verizon carrier setup information about 20 minutes after Verizon sent me her new phone number.  Only downside I see so far is that I have to use two different carrier companies but at least they both use the Verizon towers & network. #Apple Watch #Apple Watch Family Setup #Activation 




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I don't quite follow, do you pay separately for Verizon?

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Can you give us some additional details on how your daughters Apple Watch is treated both by Verizon and Visible in terms of monthly pricing? Did you actually use the Apple Family setup procedure for the watch.