Apple device Not receiving texts


Just switched over from Verizon postpaid to visible and have had service for maybe 3 weeks - now experiencing inability to receive any text messages from any type of android device. Phone calls work fine. Messages are being received from my device, but I’m unable to see any responses to said messages. I have iPhone 11 Pro iOS is up-to-date. I’ve cycled through power on and off many times and have yet to resolve the problem. Chat support is the only access you have to contact anyone and it’s an excessive wait time of more than 2 hours. I’ve read many people just need to update esim- yet I have a nano(physical) sim so this resolution is not available to me. Super disappointed in the response from the company and the fact that it seems as a ploy to upgrade your plan since I have friends on the premium plan and their services are unaffected. Highly unsatisfied with visible and the fact that they did not inform any customers of the service outage. Had to find out from family thinking I had been hurt since I work in a dangerous field. This outage has caused unnecessary worry and mental strain on people who care and are trying to check in. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying - the outreach that visible SHOULD HAVE done is at least send some type of notification to effected community. I understand this is a new carrier- but some things are just common decency and sense. This is unacceptable. Going on 3 days now with inability to communicate and use services I am paying for. Highly unsatisfied.


Novice II

You are not the only one and it is not only an apple issue. I have a 5g galaxy S20 + and are still having issues. I haven't recieved a text in over 24 hours and the chat is taking FOREVER. I have tried airplane mode on/off, restarts, I am all up-to-date on updates. So far visible has been a mistake.