Attention Visible Executive Team. Customer Support is Completely Broken

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After spending around 5 hours chatting with Visible customer support today attempting to resolve a recurring problem on Visible's end, and about 15 hours in total on the same problem, I requested a supervisor. While chatting with that Supervisor named Danny, he revealed that Visible's management and executive team will not listen to supervisors regarding the widespread technical problems and Visible's completely broken customer support infrastructure. He indicated the only way to address these issues was to post here on this forum. So here I am.


While my specific issue revolves around wifi calling failures and eSim associations breaking on Visible's end, this post is here for the upper management and executive staff to chime in.


Example of the problem: a 1.5 to 3 hour wait to chat with agents. Level 1 agents cannot resolve technical issues, so the problems are assigned to level 2 tech support for follow up by email. This is where Visible customer support merry-go-round of insanity begins.  That rep then emails indicting something unspecified has been corrected on the account, but that action always fails to resolve the problem. Those emails come from an address that does not accept email replies, so the only option is then to contact level 1 support again, waiting between 1.5 and 3 hours for a representative. I then have to start the process all over with the level 1 rep. They are unable to resolve the problem, so they assign it to a level 2 rep. That level 2 rep changes something unspecified, which fails to correct the problem. My only option is to contact L1 support again, with multi-hour waits, and then repeat the same ridiculous process again, ad nauseum. I provide the same info over and over again. Nobody at Visible will take ownership of the recurring issues, and there is no accountability anywhere in the chain.


So how about it, Visible suits? What is being done to extinguish this dumpster fire within your organization, and when can customers expect to have useful customer support available?



Not sure why they sent you here to the forums, this is a peer to peer forum and I highly doubt that there is anyone from any level at Visible that visits these forums. I have seen one moderator that edited a post on here once but that was it. I would probably have a heart attack or a stroke, probably both, if I actually saw a representative from Visible come on here and post.


I have no clue about eSIM's and from what I have read Visible has dropped the ball. If it is an Android device it sound like eSIM does not work period so if you have Android and have the option for a physical SIM you would be better getting a card instead. Bad thing is you need to get back in line on chat and request one. You can also try and contact them through Facebook messenger or a Twitter DM but that is just as bad and it took 5 days to get a response for me. Since no responses at that time on FB or Twitter I got on chat last Sunday for help and it took 45 minutes and another 20 to 25 and did get one minor issue fixed but no real answers to my other questions.


Good luck on getting an executive to read this.

Hey Skibik. I know the recommendation to post here was just another deflection by a supervisor in a completely broken company, but who knows. Maybe it'll somehow end up on someone's radar if enough people blow this up.

I hope for the same thing that maybe someone from Visible is actually reading or seeing some of these issues with their plan but I highly doubt it. 


I don't have eSIM and none of the problems associated with it but I am having issues with a phone I bought from Visible last year and now it tells me it is not compatible with the new plans. I can't even get straight answers as to why it isn't compatible, just some BS that my phone doesn't have the right software blah, blah, blah... They just won't admit they blacklisted all old IMEI numbers, they say they are working on adding as many from the old list as possible, yeah right. I doubt they are working on it all that hard.


I hope you get your issues fixed. I solved mine by buying a lightly used phone from eBay that has an IMEI number that is compatible so I am set for the new plans.

Hey thanks for posting this. Agreed that Visible execs need to see the level at which their customer support hates their customer. I had a rep refuse to submit a simple escalation ticket for me and then jeering that there is no way to submit complaints to corporate. Visible execs all it took was for your technical team to copy paste device IMEI ranges for the esim to work. When they decided not to do that and when your customer rep decide to not help your clients then maybe some of your clients would decide to not be clients anymore.

Novice II

I'll just post another update here. The recurring problems I'm experiencing have been going on for two months now. Based on forum messages, Facebook posts and Youtube videos, the eSim problem is very widespread.


As for my current saga, another L2 rep emailed me, took the same ineffective action as the last rep, with no direct contact info that I can use to respond. So, back into the hours-long chat queue I went. I requested a contact from the supervisor's supervisor, was promised a callback, but of course there has been no reply. Maybe I'll start posting the chat logs here, as a record of Visible's incompetence and recurring system and process failures.


One agent I chatted with described their internal department's environment as "completely insane". It must really suck to work in such an environment, with no tools available to actually help customers.


I did post my responses from Facebook and Twitter message on my thread about my problems with an incompatible phone last week. 


It is my guess that since the customer service is done by chat and not by phone is because it is all outsourced to India where they pay these people very little to do these chats. Can you imagine the bill for an 800 number and the amount of people it would take to answer them if it was US based. The plans certainly wouldn't be $30 or $45 a month. 


What amazes me is that Verizon owns Visible and from what I read they are switching from a cloud based system to new system which I would have to believe it would be the same as what Verizon uses. Is Verizon having these issues with eSIM's? You would think it would be an easy transition.


I am glad I am still going to be using a physical SIM because of these eSIM issues. I just hate the fact Visible decided to block all old IMEI numbers and want us to buy one of their phones for the new plan. That should be a simple fix you would think but why do that when you can sell a new phone instead.


Again, I hope you get your issues fixed. Like I said in my other post I would like have a heart attack, a stroke or even both if an exec actually saw this. I hope they did read some of these posts.


100% This is not how you do support. 

I don’t even mind the wait and asynchronous nature of some of the support options, but ownership and follow-up are needed. Badly. 

Giving up and will switch carriers in the morning. Making your customers jump to through hoops just to activate it their service is an insane way of doing business. I am done 

Novice II

Just posting another quick update. Four days after my last contact with level 1 support, I received an email from level 2 support. Again, the email came from a mailbox that does not accept replies. The level 2 agent provided no contact information, and no proposed resolution. He indicated he had tried calling me, but could not reach me by phone. Well, yes, of course. When trying to communicate with a customer who cannot make or receive calls, one should try to CALL that person who cannot make or receive calls. Oh, the irony.

It just goes to show you the intelligence and the lack of training of the support personnel. It is sad a person has to wait days to answers that still make no sense or actually helps anyone. I have sent another DM on Twitter, my new(used but new to me) phone now gets an error on the app and won't let me order a card for the new plan, I am waiting to get a card anyway but still. So I grabbed my laptop and went to my account, clicked the see new plans box under title that says "a better network is waiting", and click the plan I want and get a box pop up that says "Something went wrong contact customer support...", I don't think so although I did DM them on Twitter about this but that was 2 days ago. This is a new error because I have been checking the status of my old phone to see if it changes and never got this message before. But, get this, if I click check out our plans and select bring my phone button I can get to the compatibility checker and get a new card that way. It doesn't make sense to error out in one place but it allows me to select a plan the other way. I can't believe a company like Verizon can't figure this stuff out, they own Visible, how hard can it be to fix this. I wouldn't think Verizon would be having these issues on their side of the business. 


I hope you get your issues fixed. Just can't believe how slow they are to get things done.

Novice III

After a somewhat problematic switch to Visible+ from original flavor Visible, I have decided to call it quits.  Visible+ gave me less digital bandwidth than before. This and the sub-standard customer service made up my mind.


I have had a very similar problem and have spent around  12 hours over the last 4 days just trying to connect to the chat. 


Does Visibles customer service model violate the Americans with Disabilities Act? 

Novice II

OP here. It's a never ending cycle of abuse. I'm now up to 34.5 hours in chat sessions, and still no resolution. They just have no idea what they're doing. I happened to chat with supervisor Mustafa a second time and called him out on his previous lies when he said he would take ownership of the customer support ticket and follow up with me, which he failed to do. At least he admitted that he was lying before, and that they do not have the ability to take ownership or follow up. Their support infrastructure is not designed to allow it.

This is failure by design. Visible's COO is David Dentry, and he is responsible for this design, as is CEO Agie Klein. Rotten from the top down, stealing money from their customer base.

Novice II

Original poster here again. This will be my last update. All I needed was for Visible Tech Support to send yet another eSim and enable Wi-Fi calling on my account. They lack the technical ability to perform these basic steps, and tech support actually closed the problem ticket as "Unresolvable". To add insult to injury, their port out system is broken, so now I'll likely lose the phone number I've had for years when I start service with a different provider.


Just a final morsel, the following is an excerpt from a chat with a Visible supervisor. It makes me wonder if  they may have resorted to hiring drunken homeless people in India to work in their call centers. Oops,  make that their chat centers. My frustration is evident, but rightfully so:


Me: "The last rep terminated the chat session after I requested a supervisor. I'm following up on ticket xxxxx, which is also associated with ticket xxxxxxxx. 


Visible supervisor: "I understand, provide me 2 minutes please"

Visible supervisor: "Let me now is you like to be contacting by a cell phone"

Me" "As I've mentioned, I cannot make or receive calls, so a call wouldn't be productive. I do not have an alternate number. Visible agents and supervisors cannot email from a mailbox that can accept email replies, so Visible's flawed support model leaves customers with no alternatives but to sit and wait in a chat session."

Visible supervisor: "In this case we only have the option for calling and you could no have the option to response the email. I gone to be working in the case to be resolve the soon possible"


Me: "Could you please form your words and sentences using proper grammar? I have no idea what your last message means."

Visible supervisor: "I am sorry for all the inconvenience, I goin to check Is we have another way to contact you going* it*"


Me: "Again, your message is incomprehensible."

And then the chat session went South. Best of luck to anyone staying on board with this dysfunctional company.

I have to admit the few times I needed to use chat in the last year I actually have gotten agents that can actually communicate quite well. This eSIM thing and all the problems associated with it makes me glad I still have the option for a physical SIM. I have to admit I have had a decent experience with Visible. Too bad you have had such a headache here. Even though customer service leaves a bad taste in my mouth I can put up with it because if I had to pay for plan that is anywhere close to this it would cost around $100 a month and at that price I still would not still not have a cell phone. 


Good luck where ever you end up. 


See above reply


I’m experiencing a similar situation with Visible customer support. I ordered a device via the Visible App and nobody from customer support can provide me with a reason as to why the device hasn’t shipped. Meanwhile I have a charge on my account and have to wait until PayPal provides a resolution. Unacceptable way to operate a business.