Blocked bc too many attempts to port over

This is maddening.  I was blocked for 24 hours last night bc of issues trying to port my Verizon number over.  That means Verizon will be CLOSED by that time. I NEED to use my phone today how do I get this unblocked sooner.  I am so frustrated.


You need to contact customer service and have them help you with porting over. If using chat type agent or live agent to get by the chatbot.

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DeanKevin64 is spot on - I'd go tech support route.


I ported from Verizon Wireless to Visible. We had a family plan on Verizon Wireless. First step, go to Account Settings --> Locked Numbers -- and unlock the numbers you are planning on moving. Note they cannot have a device payment plan active!

Once you unlock the numbers, then go to Number Transfer Pin and generate a number transfer pin - note the pin and the account number.

Then, create a visible account, pay for the plan, activate the ESIM on your device, then you'll be provided with the option of porting your number over from another carrier. Choose Verizon, put in the account number, the pin, and the number you wish to port (do the account owner last if on a family plan!) - and it took me 5 mins per line to transfer 2 numbers over.

Good luck.