CAN NOT order a phone and service plan!

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I have been trying to order an additional phone. I already have 2 accounts with you.  I get all the way to the end of the ordering processes and I just keep getting this message -  "Looks like there's an issue with the payment method you entered. Please try again or use another payment method. If the issue persists, please call the payment provider for help.


I have tried 4 different payment methods including Paypal (all of which work for every other company and have money in them),

I have used a VPN,

I have used 4 different email addresses,

I have used incognito,

I have used my maiden name.

I have tried everything I know to actually get a phone from you. 


I have chatted with 5 different agents who say they will send me an email, I have went on Facebook and chatted and got this "Thanks! At this time, our system can’t process your order. Our order specialists are reviewing your order as we speak. You will receive an update via email as soon as possible. *Alex L but NO ONE every comes back to me and fixes the problem.


How can I fix this??


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Same thing happened to me last night attempting to activate a SIM that I received. I wound up canceling the account without activating. Once they receive enough complaints perhaps they'll take it seriously. The more money they lose the likelier they address it quick.  Has nothing to do with the order or activation, appears there's a bug in their payment processing system that doesn't process the credit card's authorization fully - I even got the $0 charge auth notification from the credit card they initiate to verify the credit card as well as Visible's email that they got the payment method. yes there's an issue with the payment method and it's on Visible's end. Order specialists aren't going to fix it, a competent programmer will however.

All you can do is keep contacting/pestering them using one of the methods at:

For me it's simply not worth the aggravation.

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When I first started here two years ago I remember having the same problem. I think what I did was clear the cart, clear history and cookies and try again. I think it took a third time to get it to accept payment. 

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Happened to me too. Could not order new phone the website stuck at setting up payment method. It seems Visible is using tons of script that work like crap. I don't even know why they put tons of script it should just be a simple website. 

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This problem is still ongoing today when trying to change plans to Visible + after my payment method has been accepted for AutoPay for months.


PayPal and multiple credit cards of all major networks don't work.


Did you ever resolve your issue, or is the only real answer to cancel and move on like user VisiblyPresent did?