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So I just signed up for Visible and already out of the gate I'm not super thrilled. Neighbor has ST and their speeds are more than double mine. I'm lucky to be pushing 70 - 80 MB and their getting a little over 200! Also I call my mom and it's still showing up as Wireless Caller and that's one of the reasons I left XFi! Not sure if it's because I just got the service and if maybe it takes X amount of time to work or if something isn't working correctly. Also ran SpeedTest and noticed I get NO upload speed at all... is that normal for Visible, because I've always gotten an upload speed even if very slow with past providers.



What device do you use with Visible? 

I didnt have caller ID issue. This seems to be new.

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I have the S22 Ultra

What service does your neighbor have, and the s22 should have very fast downloads

They have Straight Talk.

Straight talk internet is faster then visible I sew costomers from straight talk getting 500 Mbps 

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Can anyone else confirm if they're outgoing Caller ID shows your name or does it show Wireless Caller? When I first signed up for Visible I assumed since they were part of Verizon that my actual name would show up like it should with most of the bigger providers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. But I contacted support a little while ago and they tell me that Wireless Caller is what should be seen as Visible doesn't offer advanced caller-id features.


Odd thing is that when I first noticed this supposed issue, I did a Google and within the Visible forums is another thread about this very issue and others said they got it fixed and their requested name was then showing and even included a CNAM online tool to check. So how is they got theirs fixed yet I'm being told they never had this feature?

Usually only possible customers could set the caller ID no prepaid companies offer caller ID, but if you port your number from a big Carrier and you had your caller ID setup, then it stays the caller ID and it doesn't change and even you cancel your account and someone else gets your number it will show your name

Well considering visible is part of Verizon how much bigger of a company can you get?

well visible is a prepaid brand from Verizon and like every prepaid company that don't offer caller ID

No this is not the case

Actually this is where you are wrong.

I've had my caller id changed for metro, straight talk & a few others. Including tmobile, verizon and att.


What is true is not all offer to do it although they can.

Ya mine does show wireless caller


Prior to the new plans, you could chat with Visible Customer Service and they could change your caller ID name to the name that was on the account. I have two Visible numbers/accounts that I've had for a few  years where I changed the CNAME early on. I have a 3rd account that I didn't change prior to the new plans. I recently noticed that when I call someone new from that phone, it has a CNAME of "Wireless Caller." I checked with Visible Customer Service today and they consider displaying your name a "premium caller ID service" which I guess Visible no longer offers since it's considered a prepaid discount service from Verizon now. Oh well... I apparently missed my opportunity to have this done now that Visible has this new policy. So I had the caller ID changed to the cell number which was the only other valid option other than "Wireless Caller." Boo, Visible! It's a name in a database and doesn't cost anyone anything extra to fix. But I guess they want all discount cellular providers to further distinguish themselves from the Big 3 (Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile) and displaying a custom CNAME is yet another premium feature we have to pay for. I wonder if it's offered as an option for the more expensive Visible plan?