Can I use a Verizon Hotspot device with my Visible SIM?


Since Verizon owns Visible, can I buy a used Verizon hotspot device and use my Visible SIM in it?

Yes, I know that my phone can serve as a hotspot, but the advantage of a  real hotspot is that they have antenna jacks where a stronger external antenna can be added.  Sometimes I go into areas that are barely outside of coverage areas.  Moving my SIM into a device with a directional antenna might allow me to get SOME connection to the outside world, even if only 5 mbps?


It goes against Visible's terms and conditions to use the SIM in a device other than a smart phone.

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It goes against Visible's terms and conditions to use the SIM in a device other than a smart phone.

So, know of any smart phones that accept an external antenna?

No, I do not. I have read some phones will have better antennas then others but that would be something you might want to research. I know when I was looking around 2 1/2 years ago to get a cell plan of some sort since I had retired and wanted one for the road. T-Mobile was one of the carriers I was looking at when I entered my address it gave me a notice that I would need an extended range phone. At that time they had a list of certain phones that had this feature. I was new to smart phones at that time so more research was needed. Even Verizon for me where I live is 4G LTE only and I am quite far from the towers and 1 to 2 bars is it. 


You can maybe look into cellular signal boosters but the bad thing is they have an FCC warning label on them that states they need to be registered with the carrier to be legal and Visible doesn't know how and have the ability to approve or register the device. Not sure if it matters though.

I used to have a Nokia with a external jack for use at a remote place I've been going to all my life.  With my modern Pixel's I tried two no name boosters from Amazon, they did nothing. then I bought a manufacture refurbished weBoost  home studio from amazon.  it cost $140 for the refurb version and I went from barely able to open a web page or email to 5G with a decent 10 in prime time to about 35 late night through early day.  ymmv