speed throttling

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What is the speed throttling limit once the maximum full-speed data allowance is reached?


Visible doesn't throttle data and has no set limits, it is truly unlimited with no data caps. Although extreme data usage can get you canceled, it states that in the terms and conditions. 


The basic plan is deprioritized data and speeds would depend on traffic/congestion on the towers in your area. There was a speed cap at 200Mbps on this plan but Visible has supposedly fixed it but some have said the cap is now 400Mbps. 


The plus plan offers 50gb of premium data which is the same priority you would get on a Verizon post paid plan, you are then deprioritized. Speeds would then depend on traffic/congestion in your area so could be anywhere from unusable and up. On this plan if you have 5G UW in your area and your phone can get it this data doesn't count towards the 50GB allotment. 


The only thing that Visible throttles is hotspot, that gets 5Mbps on the basic plan and 10Mbps on the plus plus.


If you want an example of how fast speeds are. I am in a rural area with 4G LTE only, I am on the base plan, I get roughly 35Mbps average down and 1-2Mpbs up. I am quite far from two towers with 1-2 bars in my house. If I am within a couple miles or less of the towers when I travel to town I have gotten upwards of 160Mbps.


If you have an iPhone, or an Android that is eSIM capable and on the list, you can do the 15 day free trial before signing up. The trial is the base plan.

"Truly unlimited" shouldn't be associated with "extreme usage" and "account banned" in the same sentence. I'm curious about what constitutes extreme usage because what's normal for me could be extreme for someone else, and vice versa. If it's not truly unlimited, then just specify a limit, like 300GB, upfront!

Read the legal disclosures at https://www.visible.com/legal/legal-disclosures

It's covered under the "Important Information about Visible’s Plans and Broadband Internet Access Services"  and Data Services: Prohibited Uses. There is no hard limit - it's deterministic based on the type of usage, not the amount of data used. However,  an unpublished threshold likely triggers the investigation mentioned (in addition to some other things that Visible can detect regarding usage).



Here is a portion I copied from the Visible's terms and conditions similar to what @VisiblyPresent mentioned:  

For example, if you use your Service in an inappropriate or unapproved way, like manipulating our Service to use it as a replacement for a home broadband service, then we may take action to limit, suspend, or end your Service. We may look at usage patterns or activity to determine if it appears that you are using your Service as a home broadband replacement, including how data services are used and if the Service is being used exclusively, or near exclusively, through the hotspot feature. 


Visible does not set a limit, apparently by the way the T&C are worded it is monitored by the parent company, Verizon on what is considered abuse and will get you a warning. On a search I did a year or more ago on Visible's Reddit page about this over usage there was mention that a person got a warning from Verizon for using over 1TB of data. I believe there were a couple old posts about this. That is what I was calling "extreme usage". No, Visible doesn't set a hard limit but at some point they consider it abuse when extreme amounts are used.