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Need help …. New customer 


Intermediate III

This is simply a customer-to-customer forum (Visible doesn't provide direct support here). If you describe your problem someone here may be able to offer a recommendation provided  they've experienced a similar problem and resolved it on their own.

However, activation issues typically require assistance from Visible customer care. There is no phone number for Visible customer Care support. You'll need to use one of the options (Chat, Facebook or X) available at

When using the Chat option and to get by the Chat robot, Connai, when given a choice of options always choose the non-specific option (e.g. other, something else, none of these, etc). when asked to supply additional information always type live agent in response. Eventually you'll be placed in the live agent queue. If you reply with anything specific the robot will insist they can help. In fairness, the Chat robot can help with some common issues of a trivial nature not requiring human interaction.

Alternately you can try contacting /u/VisibleCareSupport at


 You can   also reach Visible care on Facebook and twitter.