Can't Make Calls


Suddenly, I can't make outgoing calls nor can anyone call me. 

When I tried to do a live chat as a guest, it wants me to sign in. I get that. What I additionally don't get is that it tells me it sent me a code to finish signing in, but I do not actually get any text with a code. Why am I not getting the code texts? It says it was sent successfully, but there is nothing on my texts.


(I can--at this point anyway--get incoming texts and send texts, thank goodness.)


Intermediate III

You don't have to sign into chat. It is preferred but not necessary. Once you get a chat box up type agent or live agent, may need to type several times but that will get you a live agent. If you are not getting 2FA code by text an agent will send it by email instead to verify it is you.


As far as your other issues of being able to call, sorry I can't be of help, just another customer myself.


Ok. I'll give it a try.