traveling to mexico


My daughter is traveling to mexico and we want to be sure she can communicate while in Merida.  She currently has the visible plan.  If she switches to visible + can she transfer back to regular visible 


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Yes, however on switching to Visible+ any promo discounts will be lost. They likely won't be applied again when switching back. I also think this would only allow texting not calls out from Mexico (except WiFi calling)

You may want to review the options at:

Specifically see What are my options when calling from another country?

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She will be prorated when upgrading for whatever days are left in the billing cycle. She can downgrade when she gets back but it won't take affect until her next billing cycle.


There is roaming in Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and the USVI you are supposed to be able to use full service while in Mexico to call out. But, data is limited to .5GB per day then slowed to 2G speeds.


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