Can't Turn Off Spam Protection


Hi Guy's, 

I am a faithful user of Visible and I have just run into an insurmountable issue that is forcing me to leave. 

I am very sad about this but we use RoboKiller to filter our calls, since in my line of work spam calls are very costly and we were unable to show a profit until we finally found a way to really escape them. Sadly the auto-implementation of Visible's Spam Protection has caused RoboKiller to not work. We didn't think this would be a real problem because there are instruction on the Visible site that tell us how to turn the service off by going into or account area. But SURPRISE, when you go in there it says "This feature is auto-enabled for your protection and cannot be turned of at this time." 


Well this has rocked my world, my family needs to eat, and it is good not to be homeless, so we are now in a mad scramble to change services. We are researching each to make sure that we don't fall vistim to this again. Does anyone know if Mint has any similar issue?