Broken phone nightmare, bring your phone and shady Social Media support

Novice III

My phone got water damage so it was inaccessible. It turned out to be a nightmare with Visible 2 tier account security because the 2nd authorization always gets sent via text to my phone number, which is inaccessible. And there is no way to forward your calls other than via my phone which is again inaccessible. This is so illogical. So every time I chatted I had to ask the agent to waive the 2nd tier authorization and the email verification can take 10 - 15 minutes to arrive in my inbox at time the agent already closed the chat window.

I then tried to order a new phone and it took 3 days because the website kept asking to setup payment method (even though I already have my card saved) and could not get past that stage. I contacted Visible agent via chat and did as advised : cleared cookies, used other browser, contact the Social Media etc. None helped. By that time I already ordered Motorola G Stylus via Amazon cause they ship fast without all the BS on Visible. I am thinking if it doesn't work I can always return it. The third days Visible website finally worked and I proceeded to order Motorola One 5G UW Ace.

Amazon phone came earlier so I turned it on, check the IMEI. Punched the numbers onto Visible IMEI checker. Got the friendly smile and welcome message saying it is compatible. Yay! Put the SIM card in and phone started to connect. 4G LTE first then stable 5G. Yes! My old phone was 4G so I was excited. Everything works on the phone except Wifi Calling and HotSpot/USB Tethering. Later 3 days of struggle via chat and Social Media followed. I was advised to reset the network, done multilple times. Software update, done to the latest. Factory reset, done. None had worked and every attempt to turn on the hotspot the phone kept advising to subscribe or call to a Verizon customer service number. I even had one of the chat agent advising me to call the number. Sure enough it was Verizon and the CS was kind enough to search on her side and cannot find my number on their record. Doh surely she won't, it's just a silly advise from Visible.

Finally chat agent said he figured what was wrong and will do a thing on his side and I should wait until the next day and do factory reset again. I did that and still the hotspot and wifi calling didn't work. Agent then asked me to take screen shot and send to Social Media team (as the exact wording of two lines message that I sent to the chat agent was not enough). Screen shots sent. Waited another day and received apology email that says the phone is incompatible. What? I then punched again the same IMEI onto Visible IMEI checker. Now it says INCOMPATIBLE. How shady is that??

So I gave up and returned the phone to Amazon. Plugged in the SIM card into Motorola One 5G from Visible. Everything works, hotspot, wifi calling etc. EXCEPT that the phone is mostly on 4G and only once in a while is on 5G. 

Motorola One 5G from Visible has 4 GB RAM while if you buy somewhere else it has 6 GB RAM and CHEAPER. So my conclusion is that Visible sells inferior phone with a jacked up price and they do extra miles to make sure you cannot bring your own phone.