Can't get or receive ANY calls


"the number you have dialed has calling assistance that has prevented the completion of your call."

Has anyone got this message?  I just signed up with Visible.  Text and data work fine. Just NO calls.  

If I needed to call 911, I couldn't.  Not good.  I any clues?  I have an iPhone XR.  I chose to keep my old phone (Verizon) and phone number.  


Novice II

Does your data work?

Do you have a pSIM or eSIM?  I don't know how to check eSIM state.


If you have a pSIM, check the state of SIM card/state by going to Settings/About phone/SIM status.

If it doesn't state "In Service",  you're going have contact CS to get to fix the pSIM or send you a replacement pSIM.  From my past experiences, they always ended sending me a replacement pSIM.


If you are using en eSIM they might be able to generate an new eSIM for you.

Novice III

Did you verify your email. If not, you’ll have to verify your email then go through activation on the app.

Novice II

I had to chat support (from my laptop) and go through a lot of troubleshooting. But the fix was support needed to reset my network on the back end while my phone was turned off.


ALL these replys have been tried and still NO CALLS  👎

I've tried BOTH pSIM and eSIM.  👎

Email has been verified TWICE  👎

I have had FIVE Visible chat reps work on this issue.  👎👎👎👎👎

I still have NO CALLS.