Can’t receive any phone calls

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I activated my account yesterday and everything was going fine until I noticed that I wasn’t able to receive phone calls. Everything else is working except for that. I can make calls and texting is working as is the data but for whatever reason I can’t get any calls. I did troubleshooting with Live Chat and nothing worked. Does anyone know who to fix it or any tips. Thank you!


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Im dealing with the same thing. Everything works except receiving calls. Everyone who calls me gets an error message saying that the number is unavailable. So frustrating!

Same here. 

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I just got off of Live Chat again. They had me reinstall the eSIM a few times and it still didn’t work. They said they would push my issues even higher up the chain to try and fix it. I mean at the point should I just switch carriers? 

They did the same thing with me. Nothing worked. It's definitely something going on with the network. 

We need a network specialist. 

Most likely someone in America that is needed. 

Yes, they don’t know what the problem is. Could be port related or support just doesn’t know.

I got mine fixed.

It is something on the backend.

The app update this am should fix it with a new esim.

Just use the right imei.

Imei 1 hard sim

Imei 2 esim

I used 2 and had errors.

So they had to reset it and after a few tries they put imei 1 in and it took and everything worked.

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My wife is having this exact problem--incoming callers get a message that her number is not available.  She just switched from Verizon to Visible yesterday and we've been through all the troubleshooting steps through the Visible chat and they have supposedly send her ticket to a higher support tier who is supposed to respond by email (none yet).  Interestingly, I also switched from Verizon a little over a week ago and had no problems at all.  We both have iPhone 13 Pro phones.  The fact that so many of us who have recently switched to Visible are having the same problem will hopefully be enough to prove to Visible that the problem lies on THEIR end and they need to address it ASAP!

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I never received a response from "Tier 2" about the incoming call issue. I need to be able to accept incoming calls for business, so I ported my number to Boost for their $100/year plan on ATT's network. Then, I opened a new Visible Plus account with a randomly assigned number and use it for my cellular data. In effect, voice on ATT, data on Verizon. Interestingly, the Visible randomly assigned number ALSO cannot receive incoming calls, although that's irrelevant to me since I only care about the data. Visible has a LOT of work to do.


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i can finally receive phone calls. YAY! I was sent an email that they were working on my case and that I would receive a follow up email 24 to 48 hours later. I noticed that the service bars at the top of my screen had disappeared and assumed that the team was doing something on their end. I then went into the App Store to see if the Visible app had an update. It did. I updated the app then restarted my phone and my phone number is now fully working. 🙂

What's the top to get through as in sick of being unable to use phone.

Heck didn't even get my free trial


I have had this problem for 2 days now....did you find an answer/fix?

I'm ready to cancel my account...I need to be able to get calls coming thru for business...this is terrible!

The fix seemed to be make sure you have the latest version of the Visible app. Delete your e-sim, then download a new e-sim.