Can’t receive sms or access voicemail


Just activated my service and have not received texts and have been locked out of voicemail with a passcode I never created. Waited an hour for a live agent and once I was connected the app crashed. Please fix my service or I will take my business elsewhere. 


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Unfortunately contacting customer service through these forums will not work, they do not visit these pages as this is a peer to peer forum. If you are having trouble contacting CS though the app try a laptop/desktop and go through the website. There are two other options besides chat and they are Twitter messaging or Facebook messenger, you can find both icons in the bottom righthand corner of this page. My recommendation on the latter two would be FB messenger. Good luck!

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Welcome to the cheap seats. No one from Visible can hear you here, and best of luck in the chat support. I had an issue with text when I first activated with some people and texting. If your have an Android it could be similar. You need to disable the chat feature in your phone and possibly with in your Google account. Then reactivate after it's all working. See this link. Also, it should self resolve over a few days. Mine did.