MMS on A53 (Unlocked)

Hello all. I'm in need of some help.  Yesterday, I had to reset my hotspot (since my connections were unstable).  I've contacted Visible and they said I had to update my basic plan (which I did) to make my hotspot run better (which it fixed the issue) however, upon having to look up in the Visible forums to fill in my Access Points (APNs) it worked.  However, upon resetting my networks before any of this I can still receive normal text, but can't receive nor send my pictures to others. I bought my A53 of of Amazon couple months back and my brother figure out how to do it, but doesn't remember how he did it since he lost it on his computer.  I need to know is there a way to fix my MMS to send and receive pictures along with messages behind it including the group messages.  All my APNs are set for my mobile data and hotspot.


If someone has the answer please let me know as soon as possible.