Canadian snowbird


I am a Canadian snowbird wanting to use v's'ble for 4 months in Arizona this coming winter. We have Samsung Galaxy A5 phones and the website says (using the IMEI number) that these phones are not compatible. Does this mean they won't use 5G or they won't work at all. They are 4G/LTE phones. They worked just fine 2 years ago on LTE in AZ. I find it hard to believe a 4 year old phone won't work on modern networks.



It means they won't work at all, or likely won't work at all.


You are welcome to order a SIM card and take your chances, or if you have any old working phones lying around, do the swap, and get a free phone that you know will work. You could swap your A5s or sell them on Ebay.


Some people have success ordering SIM cards and trying them, even though the IMEI checker says they don't work, but do you want the hassle of ordering them, trying them, and they don't work, and figuring out how to get a refund from Visible.


Here is a link to learn how to pay only $5 for your first month of service on Visible, and ways to get up to a $45 refund for purchasing Visible service.


If I can answer more questions, just ask. Please note that each hone line on Visible requires its own email address.


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