Catch22 - locked out


My phone was stolen. I am locked out of my Google email due to 2 factor authentication. I cannot receive texts (obviously- no phone) and I cannot access the email I have on file.


How can I regain access to my visible account without a phone or email? Is there any way to verify so I can regain access? 



You can chat with Visible without logging in to your account. Ask for a live agent and ex[plain the issue. They can verify your identity thru email.


@Acs89340 - If you can't access your Gmail account because of MFA, then you'll need to use a backup MFA method to gain access and then disable MFA so you can set it up again once you get a new phone (Important note: Please use a unique and complex password [but one you can remember ๐Ÿ™‚] for your e-mail account to lower the risk of it being breached).  If you don't have the backup MFA codes, you can attempt to use Google's Recovery method.  Once you have gained access to your Gmail account, you then can contact Visible Support to get access to your account and they can send you a code to your e-mail to validate.

To help prevent this from happening in the future, please consider using an MFA tool like Authy for your Google account MFA.  This way you can set it up on your laptop/desktop computer and still access the tokens (use the backup feature).

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