Chat session terminated for quality issues


After waiting in the chat queue for 90 minutes, Visible worked by issue for another 70 minutes.  The issue was that I could not receive or make phone calls.  I was told that there was an issue on the back end.  So I sat and waited, while I received a mixture of chat messages from the Visible agent and the BOT.  After 70 minutes on the Chat (160 minutes total), I received a message stating that the Chat window will be closed due to quality issues and I will receive an email with the resolution to my problem.  That was over an hour ago.  Now I'm back in the queue so that I can get this issue resolved. 


Has anyone else had this issue?  My guess is that they ended the chat session to keep their average chat session duration below a certain time limit.  How completely unprofessional and an insult to any of their customers.


On a side note, this is the 3rd time I've had this issue in the last 3 weeks.  I'm seriously thinking about going back to Verizon.  I have been happy with Visible, up until I started having this issue and having to sit in the queue for over an hour each time. 





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I also had a chat that just dropped yesterday, though it didn't last as long as yours, or a message about quality issues.

Was a Visible customer  last year for a bit. No problems. So felt OK coming back. Not now.

If I do ever get back on chat, my request may be for an early unlock, or how to go about returning the phone.

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Beyond frustrating 

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@jefflafave try the new version of the Visible app that appeared today. Full details in available other threads.