Credit Card Processing

Novice II

I've been trying to purchase a phone since 12/23. I'm able to submit an order & get instant message that it's successful but do not receive confirmation email, nor is an order showing in my account. 

I'm charged on my credit card & have spoken to them (cc company); they show no issue with payment.  

I've worked with Visible to where we've ordered & canceled 4 times & they see a problem.  I'm told "an engineer" has been made aware & that they need to fix problem before my order can be processed & they'llsend me email.  CRICKETS! The only email I received is that they refunded my card. Still unable to order, but they are being paid by cc company.  Now phone is full price.  CS's only reply is "sorry you don't get sale price". Insane! They still haven't resolved it!