I spent the whole day 8+ hrs trying to place an order. what a wast of time.



"Oops! Please check the credit card information or provide an alternate payment method."

I received this message 15+ times while trying to purchase a phone on this website.

- I called my bank (Chase) several times to ensure they weren't blocking the payment. Chase said their system showed a there is no issue from their side. they even did a pre-approval in case I repeat the transaction, not a Chase problem, but a Visible problem.
- I deleted and re-added my CC many times checking all the info are correct
- I logged off and logged back on
- I used an incognito browser (Safari and Chrome)

- I tried placing the order from the IOS APP

- I even tried to set up a new account and place the order again


Customer service reps did not have any other suggestions: not their fault, it's a website issue.

chatted with several representatives with no luck in solving the issue. The last representative schedule a callback that I didn't get. FIX YOUR SYSTEM


Novice III

Hello there, I believe that this is caused with the way Visible does transactions. About a year ago, they charged my card and had the name "Sprint Mobile" on the statement and before that they were using random names. I think that your card company Chase is detecting that and thinks it's fraud so they block it automatically from their end. This could also be a system error as when trying to help a friend port over, his card was denied multiple times and Citibank said they had nothing to do with it.



Had this EXACT problem.  Tried to order early in the morning and at dinner time I'm sitting in my robe still trying to get it done.  Facebook, Twitter, Call from CS, two new accounts, paypal, virtual card numbers, etc.  Really the worst experience I've ever had trying to purchase something.  Still no resolution.

Did you get it to work?  If so, how?


I had trouble also. I got preapproved thru Affirm for $2500

i was going to get the IPhone 13 pro max, but the order didn’t go through…. Visible had to cancel my order and credit my Affirm account to a zero balance… then when I tried to order, it said I wasn’t approved for enough $ with affirm, yet I was the day before for $2500 for seven days…

I finally decided I don’t really need a new phone, I’ll keep my iPhone 11 and just get visible service- went through fine.  But, before that it was SO irritating!  Log on, log off, etc…

Novice II

I've had similar issue. Capital One is getting charged (I spoke with them) but Visible is not sending me a confirmation or shipping order. I get an order #, it stops there. They've reversed/refunded my order 4 times but cannot seem to see that they're getting paid. Now my phone is no longer on sale!! Visible originally told me that "an engineer" was looking into the problem.  Never heard back, only an email stating that I was refunded. Not a happy customer! VISIBLE FIX YOUR SYSTEM!