Where is the info are we finally gonna get domestic roaming or only in mexico and canada but NOT IN usa? Whereis ceo of visible to make this clear its owned by vzw they should just include it! With the visible plus plan


You only get domestic roaming with a big Carrier any smaller Carrier under Verizon even it's owned by Verizon, will not have roaming this is how works if you really want  Domestic roaming you have to go to the big carriers,  You have to understand that for the unlimited talk text data that you get from visible for 25 bucks they cannot offer you roaming it cost them money it's not like its their own network they have to pay for every megabyte  Every call cost them money

Incorrect. Check the new Visible Coverage Map. Once you zoom in you can see “Extended Network” that is new and is now covered if you are on one of the NEW plans regular or plus, but not on the legacy plan.


I don’t think we get roaming in Mexico and Canada.


Visible users get free calls to Mexico and Canada.

Unlimited calling and messaging to Canada and Mexico when you are in the US.”

I don't think either 

Novice II

Do the new Visible+ plans provide domestic roaming / ie: Verizon Extended?  

Novice III

Can I roam in the UK with Visible + ? Or make Wi-Fi calls back to the USA from the UK?

You cannot roam in the UK but if you set up Wi-Fi calling in the US you going to be able to make calls over Wi-Fi in the UK


YES, domestic roaming is included. See the coverage map and look for “Extended Network”. It doesn’t affect many areas, but it is included now. It’s also mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Visible Wireless. **This is only available on the new Visible and Visible Plus plans, not on the legacy plan.