We are traveling and our kids our using my phone as a hotspot for their laptops to do school on their laptops.  Even when they are connected they often can’t watch their courses very well. 
We have the basic $25/month plan. Does anyone know if going with the premium $35/month plan would give us a more solid/faster hotspot for our kids streaming needs?



It is possible as the Visible+ plan has priority data up to 50 GB. You could try for a month and if it didn’t work you can migrate back to old plan

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Even though you have unlimited data on both the device and on hotspot the speeds on the hotspot are capped at 5Mbps and usually limited to one device unless using an Android phone which can bypass Visible TOS. Now if you are using 2 or 3 devices you are splitting that 5Mbps speed between them and will result in slower speeds on those devices. The plus plan will not help as that plan is also capped at 5Mbps speeds.