Defruaded by Visible - No way to resolve it?


- Started cell service with Visible August 26th.


- Paid monthly reoccurring fee Sept 24


- Canceled service Oct 12 - Visible promised service until end of billing cycle on Oct 25th.


- On Oct 13th Visible moved my payment due date to Oct 13th, effectively reneging on their promise and denying any payment I had already made for the period ending Oct 25th.


- Forced to pay an additional $40 for another month of service.


Visible lied about continuing my service to the end of the billing period and then forced me to pay again to restore service when I should have already had it.


Visible is not able to be contacted via phone, their chat app does not connect to a human. They have isolated themselves from any question about their billing. This forum appears to be a similar waste of time.


Have filed complaints with the FTC and the FCC. Am in the process of disputing the charge with my bank.


Have no hope that Visible will resolve this issue as they do not appear to operate their business in good faith.





*Defrauded not defruaded.


Best to try and resolve this by contacting Visible via their social media channels. Even if you don't have Twitter now, I would suggest setting up an account, messaging to resolve the issue, then deleting Twitter afterwards.


This new way of customer service with Visible can be frustrating at times, and at the same time makes service for $25/month possible.


Good luck.

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