Deprioritized ALL DAY .. EVERY DAY

Novice II

From 8AM to 12AM (16 hours a day) like clockwork. Download speeds do not exceed 150K a second. Wild latency spikes and fluctuations plague me. All Day.. Every Day.. on Schedule. I live in a remote area. Only one cell tower is visible to me. That tower fortunately gives me full bars. This does not matter. The service will want to switch towers and tries over and over anyway... disrupting my service. Visible help desk says they will fix it, and nothing gets done. Wash rinse, repeat.  Should I change employment to graveyard shift so when I am off work and at home I can have decent service? One application I have monitors connection speeds. There are EXTREME fluctuations in latency. Starting at 40ms ping to their server and climbing to .. no lie .... 50,000ms or higher.. then back to 40... over and over and over.

Looking into it I would suggest you fire the guy who developed your QOS algorithm because it is completely non-standard and doesn't just make your connection slow it makes it all but unusable.


Too Long Did Not Read?

If you are looking for fast reliable internet.. look elsewhere.