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Decision time: hone cellular internet act now or wait?

Novice III

I assume the saving spot is a place to talk about comparing deals of visible versus the rest of the cellular community.  If it isn't, the months have a permission to retitle it and move it to the mire appropriate "let's chat". 


I was wrong. Luckily my phone kept everything I spoken to it and let me instantly change the category to let's chat.



I currently live in a data desert.  The family DSL only goes 1.6 megabits in 400 KB out and cost $35 a month.  Before,I took matters into my own hands and got a $25 visible line and getting unlimited 5 megabits in 5 MB out hotspot Internet.


As far as land-based competitors by definition a data desert has zero connections over land-based communications that are 25 megabits and 3 megabits out or better.  Frontier DSL is the only landline connector and their speeds weren't even legally Broadband in 2013 when it was first offered.


I'm considering moving from visible to an alter ego of visible AKA Verizon since visible has an article saying visible is just the more web friendly and more economical mask that Verizon wears.


Their deal for unlimited internet only the prioritized by usage, is either $80 a month on a jetpack bought alone, or $20 with a regular cellular phone subscription.


Our family pays $140 for four lines using the blue package which gets unlimited talk text and internal phone data but zero hotspot.


I heard that the red package from Verizon is exactly the same except also throws in Unlimited deprioritized hotspot data.


The blue Network said they were going to add hotspot in less than a month, but after their premium data the basic hotspot data is speed limited to 128 kilobits per second. 


I could see a tenable plan moving my visible to be the data line and the four blue network phones going red, plus we could quit DSL which is a $35 a month drain.


The other option is to wait for one of the two alternatives to come through.


Alternative one: quasi government fiber from the county.  The problem is at the state level of legislation the the power in the state wants to get rid of quasi government fiber and leave it up to private companies to wire us up.


That's right Spectrum wants to fight for the right to protect our area from other cable companies so they could continue to ignore us and leave us high and dry unless it gets six figures to install cable.


The other option is actually my responsibility, and could be an option for many people besides me.


Visible said I uniquely came up with the idea of being stationary as a clause that would speed up your hotspot. I said admittedly should be in people in data deserts first  but if the network could afford it, for more than just data deserts then stationary hotspot use anywhere would be kind of cool.


Both visible and Verizon have done the math and the map work and said that as far as their concerned the plane is okay and would be offered pending all the forces agree.


The last of the other forces is the FCC.  Since cellular is a federal issue I've been writing to my federal House and Senate members representing my state and district.


As far as money is concerned: I cannot afford paying $80 a month over month over month.  If I were to get it for trial month I would have to make sure that a I could go back to having the same telephone number and username on visible.  I have developed a decent enough reputation and visible where I don't want to lose it chasing after cellular internet.


Well I guess I could get a temporary number from Verizon and then once we all agreed to keep Verizon 5G home cellular I could transfer the number and quit visible. I don't want to lose my current visible number because it's my old home number that I transferred to various companies along the way and I want to keep it so that identity thieves don't use it and pretend to be me accessing different accounts.  Plus I don't want to memorize a new number to give people or to change all my online accounts that are tied to my home phone number.


It would be helpful to know how soon the FCC will come with the decision to offer Visible Home.


As I heard one guy say to documentary about William shatner's tripping the space when you have a dream or a goal you do not compromise on that dream or the goal but you can compromise on the details and the routes in getting there.


My main goal is to have home internet good enough speeds where I don't have to leave my Xbox on overnight for 50 GB downloads of updates.


If the Visible home plan is not exactly what I envision, which would be a combo Home Road plan where the home portion kicks in when you're stationary for 30 minutes or more and then the road portion kicks in when you're on the road, if I have to choose between a mobile plan or a Home plan exclusively I'll be willing to give up my mobile plan and turn it into a home plan.


Of course that would mean sacrificing playing Nintendo switch online on the road but I rarely do that anyway and mainly did it just to show that I can do it, not that it's the most convenient thing to do.


Having information about what the FCC is going to decide about the visible home plan and whether or not it is exactly as I envisioned or whether I'm going to have to compromise would be helpful to me making a decision about whether to push with the Verizon home cellular or not.


By the way I heard that true home cellular is a separate bandwidth from Mobile Cellular and is a different form of 5G that is more close to the old Sprint 4G Wimax, which then had close to Cable speeds when stationary at the cost of being barely better than regular 3G when in motion.  But it's pretty easy to make a mobile plan be a stationary plan: just don't move while you're running the internet.  Turn on the GPS and let it show that it's comfortably resting in the same house.  That should be easy enough proof that I'm living up to my terms.


So do I wait for either government fiber or visible home plan or do I take action and try Verizon 5G cellular hotspot being used as home internet for a month or less.


And I would like to know if I'd still be welcome as an honorary ex member of visible who came up with the idea of the GPS-enforced stationary Clause to activate the home portion of the plan.