Did Visible Assign Me A Spam-prone Number?


I am in day 9 with my new phone and new Visible-assigned number.  I am receiving between 10 and 23 spam calls per day.  Except for one call to my fiance, the assigned number has not been used or posted in any way.  I have called no one else, nor have I used the number online. It is, in effect, "unlisted".  In contrast, my Verizon number gets only 2-3 spam calls per day at worst.  I also receive text messages on Visible (approximately 16 in the past week).  Some of them address a woman by name.  My question is Has Visible Assigned Me Number Too Recently Used by Someone Else?   What should I do?  Cancel my Visible service and try another number?  Ask Visible for a better number without cancelling?  Will They Do That?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



That is frustrating.


I would suggest:


1. Signing up for https://www.nomorobo.com/ and see if that slows them down


2. Reach out to tech support via a chat on social media and see if they have a suggestion


Just because you swap numbers does not guarantee that the new number will be any less SPAM free


Good luck!

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I'm having the same problem. It almost renders the phone useless. I did recently sign up on donotcall.gov so I'm going to give it about a month or more to see if it actually helps. It's hard to say since most SPAMMERS are located overseas. Hopefully Visible gets STIR/SHAKEN fully implemented soon to help cut down on some of these calls.