Did Visible Assign Me A Spam-prone Number?


I am in day 9 with my new phone and new Visible-assigned number.  I am receiving between 10 and 23 spam calls per day.  Except for one call to my fiance, the assigned number has not been used or posted in any way.  I have called no one else, nor have I used the number online. It is, in effect, "unlisted".  In contrast, my Verizon number gets only 2-3 spam calls per day at worst.  I also receive text messages on Visible (approximately 16 in the past week).  Some of them address a woman by name.  My question is Has Visible Assigned Me Number Too Recently Used by Someone Else?   What should I do?  Cancel my Visible service and try another number?  Ask Visible for a better number without cancelling?  Will They Do That?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



That is frustrating.


I would suggest:


1. Signing up for https://www.nomorobo.com/ and see if that slows them down


2. Reach out to tech support via a chat on social media and see if they have a suggestion


Just because you swap numbers does not guarantee that the new number will be any less SPAM free


Good luck!

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I'm having the same problem. It almost renders the phone useless. I did recently sign up on donotcall.gov so I'm going to give it about a month or more to see if it actually helps. It's hard to say since most SPAMMERS are located overseas. Hopefully Visible gets STIR/SHAKEN fully implemented soon to help cut down on some of these calls.



Same problem. I'm getting 10 spam calls and 10 to 20 spam texts everyday. Started within 10 minutes of signing up for Visible! 


This is a solution by Visible. Will give it a try: https://www.visible.com/help/scam-protection