Dropped Calls


My wife has an iPhone and I have a Samsung S21 plus.  My phone consistently drops calls and hers does not.  I have changed the SIM card and just recently got the S21 (I previously had a Samsung A42 which dropped calls as well).  When the call drops, I cannot call the person back and they cannot reach met.  The only thing that seems to work is totally restarting the phone.  Since this has happened with two different SIM cards and two different phones, I have to believe that it is the network.  It is extremely difficult to chat in with someone from Visible.  I will wait and wait and then somehow the page refreshes and you have start the chat all over again.  Not sure what to do other than possibly change service....any ideas?


Novice II

Definitely change service. I am in the same boat as you. For some reason the chat keeps dropping before it's my turn in line. Tried on mobile and PC. Infuriating. 

My calls keep dropping, too. My mother had the same issue weeks ago along with people not being able to hear her. Visible literally said they could not fix the problem even after I received two phone calls from their special service team. She switched to Mint and all problems disappeared and she has never looked back. She can actually reach a customer service agent now!

Which plan are you on with Visible? 

Same here! Husband & I get dropped calls constantly. We re-start, do airplane mode, etc. He can take out the SIM but I can't bc it's eSIM & they REFUSE to send me a SIM card without cutting off my service until I get the card. It's crazy. We have dropped calls, texts don't go thru, and it says we have full 5G bars in certain areas but get ZERO signal nor are able to dial out. Going to dump this awful service especially bc I cannot get ahold of anyone to chat with when we have issues!


I’ve had a terrible time, too! I thought perhaps it was my phone (I have an iPhone11), but my daughter and my son have the same problems. It’s just not a viable option when the calls fail all the time - it’s so embarrassing when I’m on a work call!